Moon Samurai – 2D pixel-graphics action adventure game set in cyberpunk universe. We work on this project with great respect for retro games and asian martial arts movies.

Developer: Nunchaku Games
Publisher: Rogue Games
Release date: 2025
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S.
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Moon Samurai Kickstarter Trailer
Key features
What makes Moon Samurai so special
The breathtaking pixel-art world of the lunar city RAM City
Several dozens of diverse locations: streets and rooftops of the lunar city, a prison with embittered guards and prisoners, lunar artificial jungles, secret military laboratories, nightclubs, an out-of-control spaceship, terrifying open space, and others. Each level is filled with amazing details, NPCs and secrets to find. This is the kind of lived-in pixel world you'll want to explore again and again!
Over thirty different combat mechanics
Prefer fair hand-to-hand combat? Or ready to take up weapons? The choice is yours! Our main goal is to make the fights as satisfying and exciting as possible.
Fascinating platforming game with dozens of parkour techniques
Take a breather from the hurricane-paced battles to explore RAM City (and beyond) via realistic climbing, parkour and puzzle-solving to unlock new locations.
Boss encounters you won't forget!
Each boss has unique defense and attack skills. Each boss is a puzzle that needs to be solved. These epic fights not only test your strength and agility, but also your samurai wit.

About Nunchaku Games

We are a small indie games team. We are currently working on our first game. Moon Samurai is our ode to 80-90's retro-games, old-school action movies and cyberpunk culture.

Our 5 rules for making a great video game:
1. Make it visually beautiful
2. Let the story be surprising and unexpected
3. A lot of fun and varied gameplay
4. We mean A LOT
Yury Kirkevich
Art Director | Lead Artist And Animator
Siyana Omarieva
2D Artist | Level Designer
Pavel Milyutin
Senior Developer
Anton Popov
Sound Designer | Сomposer
Miron Katkov
2D Artist And Animator
Anton Golubev
2D Artist And Animator
Pavel Skornyakov
Creative Director | Producer
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